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I am trying to track my order that I made on 8/3/18 ...

order # gb_a5ee05178baa7f7

Item: 18K Gold Necklace 1 Laser Engraved Round Pendant Necklace - 18K Gold Plated - SKU #80

Transaction ID #: PAYID-LNSMY5I46K44453EC583132K

Inscription: To my beautiful WIFE I asked god for an ANGEL and he sent me YOU .. heart heart heart .. Love always your husband

As of today tracking states that it is still in processing ...

Shouldn't it have shipped already if it was to be delivered with in 12 - 15 days?

Not a pissed off consumer .. just a wondering and slightly confused one

Shipping address :: 1101 cimarron , or pobox 472 Boise city oklahoma 73933 PS :: I really wish that you all had a contact phone # so i could talk to a live person .. I myself hate typing .. lol ..

If you would please contact me at my # 620-621-7074

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